Luxe Extracts Cannabis THC Vape Cart UK



Luxe Extracts Cannabis THC Vape Cart UK

Buy Luxe Extracts Cannabis THC Vape Cart UK Online. The Luxe Extracts vapour cart is a 510 thread cartridge that contains THC distillate made from high-quality strains of cannabis grown in British Columbia. It requires a 510-thread vape pen battery and comes in two sizes – 600mg of THC or 1200mg of THC. There are a variety of delicious tasting flavours to choose from.

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Arctic Cola 1200mg, Arctic Cola 600mg, Black Cherry 1200mg, Black Cherry 600mg, Cafe Espresso 1200mg, Cafe Espresso 600mg, Chocolate Creme 1200mg, Chocolate Creme 600mg, Fuji Apple 1200mg, Fuji Apple 600mg, Mango 1200mg, Mango 600mg, Peach 1200mg, Peach 600mg, Raspberry 1200mg, Raspberry 600mg, Sicilian Lemon 1200mg, Sicilian Lemon 600mg, Sugar Cookies 1200mg, Sugar Cookies 600mg


600mg, 1200mg

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