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3 CBD: 1 THC Oil IE


Product details

  • Volume: 30ml
  • CBD: 1,125mg whole plant hemp extract
  • THC: 375mg whole-plant cannabis extract
  • Concentration: 37.5mg full-spectrum CBD oil + 12.5mg THC oil per 1ml

3 CBD: 1 THC Oil IE

Buy 3 CBD: 1 THC Oil IE Online. One compact bottle of cannabinoids with a special ratio of 3:1. That means 1 contain a total of 1,125mg – 2,250mg CBD and 375mg – 750mg THC. My THC effects are mild while my CBD effects are stronger, so I’m preferred by those who like a non-intoxicating form of pain or stress relief.

Can be used as a mild sedative to reduce stress or induce sleep, or as a way to unwind sore muscles or encourage muscle recovery after a workout. I’m one of the easiest ways to get the best of both CBD and THC for overall well-being without experiencing too many of THC’s negative side effects.

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