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Afgan Pollen Newport Hash



Afgan Pollen Newport Hash

Buy Afgan Pollen Newport Hash Online. This pollen is medium-dark brown but far from black. There is a granular structure here which is like proper pollen that has not been OVERpressed. In fact, this stuff was pressed with love; you can’t spot any foreign material in here. NICE. If you do the S-Guide Hash Test on it, you will see that merely touching the flame to it causes it to light up immediately! It burns pure, with a tint of grey-blue and no sign of black smoke anywhere.


Afgaan Pollen Hash smells like one of the first (and best) hashes I ever smelled when I was younger. Spicy, a bit peppery in scent, yet also a bit minty. It releases large amounts of aroma that lay heavy on the air.

Taste of Afgaan Pollen Hash

The flavor of Afgaan Pollen Hash is nice and spicy. It is like a roasted pepper salad. A very chilled Sauvignon Blanc with hints of citrus and little Oak would be the best call to go with this. Or perhaps a soft Merlot?


You feel like a hornet’s nest has taken up residence inside your head! BUZZZZZZZ. Wow, I am high! This is the perfect high for those of you who do not want to feel too outta control but still have a “lightly floating” experience. Great for functioning with a big smile.

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