Black Mamba Cannabis Strain




Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Black Mamba Cannabis Strain. First bred by Blue Grass Seeds, Black Mamba is a compelling and intense Indica strain with long-lasting, psychoactive, and therapeutic effects. Their killer instinct or deadliness and Black Mamba weed are no exception. With parents like Black Domina and Blue Bubblejuice, there should be no surprise to this potent Indica’s 23-25% average THC concentration. These higher than average levels explain Black Mamba’s extremely intoxicating high that is described by its’ psychoactive characteristics, imparting users with a mind-numbing, giggly, and upbeat high.  The ‘black’ in the name might also refer to the number of anthocyanin pigments found in the plant, giving Black Mamba its’ distinct royal purple hues found in the buds and leaves. The enticing flavor and aroma of this strain are characterized by its’ fruity base, with notes of red grapes and sweet, Bubbalicious chewing gum and mellow, earthier undertones.

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7g, 15g