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Buy Moonshine Hash UK

Buy Moonshine Hash UK Online. The outer layer is completely shiny like brown plastic. When stretched, it gets a little lighter before breaking into bits stuck to your fingers like drops of tree sap. The texture is “gooey’; like a Sugar Daddy candy caramel. Don’t keep this in the pocket to get soft; instead, leave it outside in the cold air to “harden” a bit!
This hash is pure and “boils” so take care!


When you burn this you get a really fresh minty-spice flowing in the air. It’s like a gourmet chef’s home kitchen; simply decadent. There is also this unique metallic smell like the inside of an empty can of lager. It is not something most smokers will have experience with.


No fruit here (like Buddha’s Sister) but it leans more toward its Haze heritage: “Soapy” and fresh green in the joint. There’s a fine spice reminiscent of cloves and hot cinnamon.

Effects Of Moonshine Hash

This is straight-up gear; imagine kickin’ it, playing chess in the Vondel Park Theehuis. It’s a relaxed, clear-headed high that doesn’t make you crash out like stronger weeds or hashes. And although it doesn’t make you feel like running a marathon, you don’t feel like crawling into bed either. Chilled and calming,

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