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Desert Gold UK Disposable Pen


  • 85% THC
  • 250 mg of full-spectrum cannabis extract
  • Fruity Peach flavor

Desert Gold UK Disposable Pen

Buy Desert Gold UK Disposable Pen Online. A peach-flavored strain made to represent the sweet and smooth perfection of this Sativa-leaning hybrid. The high with Desert Gold is considered mild but provides an uplifting buzz combined with the clear-headed focus that usually disappears with other strains.

A strain filled with notes of tropical mango and hints of peach that make for an upbeat creative high. The body high of the Desert Gold products from LEUNE is just as mild as the head high, but still enough to make you feel ‘right’.

A mood-boosting effect that fits a night full of socializing where the need for an extra spark of creativity might make an appearance. The Desert Gold Disposable uses cannabinoid-rich cannabis extract to provide 250 mg worth of juice.

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