Endoca CBD Oil 15% (10ml)



Endoca CBD Oil 15% (10ml)

Endoca CBD Oil 15% (10ml). This is one of the strongest CBD oils on the market. The hemp that is used is grown in-house by the high-quality brand Endoca and is 100% natural and organic. No use is made of any herbicides or pesticides during the manufacturing process. The flask contains 10 ml of oil, corresponding to over 200 drops. Start with a low dose. For example 1 drop in the morning and 1 in the evening. Gradually build up the dose. Note: Listen to your body carefully. If you suspect the dose is too high, reduce it. Multiple small doses are preferred to one large dose.

Endoca 15% CBD oil also contains the highest percentage of CBDa on the market. This active ingredient is often lost during production. However, in this product, the CBD(A) is kept perfectly intact because this oil is produced without heating. Precise dosing of this CBD oil is fast and simple because each drop contains 7.5 mg CBD. The CBD oil does not cause a high, for it contains less than 0.1 % THC.



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