Haze Mist Marijuana Online




Haze Mist Marijuana Online

Haze Mist Marijuana Online is a 100% pure Sativa hybrid strain created through crossing the classic South Indian Skunk with the infamous Haze strain. This heady Sativa brings a powerhouse high to the game. Fueled by THC levels that top 21% at times. This makes it ideal for a wake-and-bake. Unless you suffer from anxiety. The rush does come on rather quickly, almost after your first exhale. Thereby, lifting you into a state of complete focus and happiness.

You’ll experience a sense of clear-headed purpose that lends itself well to any mental task at hand. This cerebral state can cause headaches at times, but these will quickly subside as a touch of haziness kicks in, mellowing out your ferocious energy level. You won’t really feel anybody’s effects with Purple Star Indica Marijuanaother than a bit of hunger that comes on as the high starts to fade. These head-heavy effects make Haze Mist the perfect choice for any Sativa lover suffering from chronic fatigue, nausea, stress, and chronic pain. This bud has a classic sweet and sour spicy herbal flavor and smelly with a touch of hazy earth as the nugs are broken apart and burned.

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7g, 15g