Lemon Haze UK THC Vape E-Liquid


THC Percentage = 80%


Lemon Haze UK THC Vape E-Liquid

Buy Lemon Haze UK THC Vape E-Liquid Online. THC Vape E-Liquid 4ml has a particular smell and taste of a new lemon strip with traces of skunk. This is extremely strong Sativa! A combination of Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. This strain is exceptionally weighty on the cerebral side.

This strain will leave your head humming with loads of energy. This E-Liquid Lemon Haze 4ml is a very notable Sativa and has the standing to be visionary and profoundly elevating, euphoric, and has loosened up impacts. It can come on like a solid mug of espresso without the awkward nerves.

Lemon Haze is an extraordinary method to begin a bustling end of the week and still give daytime alleviation. For best outcomes, this strain ought to be utilized in the first part of the day whenever burned-through to late around evening time you may wind up wide alert.