Nectar CBD Vape Cartridge


Product specs

  • Battery available as an optional add-on
  • No plastic⁠ — only ceramic, stainless steel, and glass
  • 100% organic, lab-tested, and additive-free live resin cannabis extract
  • CBD per cartridge: 436mg – 872mg
  • Terpene profile: Sweet, earthy, honey

Best for

Taking a break to zone out, contemplation, relaxing activities

Doses per cartridge

  • 700mg: 200 doses
  • 1200mg: 375 doses
  • Sativa or indica?

    Balanced indica/sativa hybrid


Nectar CBD Vape Cartridge

Nectar CBD Vape Cartridge. The Secret Nature Raw Nectar CBD Vape Cartridge is about as close you can get to truly pure CBD-rich hemp flower extract. These Secret Nature CBD carts taste just like fresh, raw honey spiked with a little bit of earthy goodness under the hood.