Super Spectrum D8-THCV UK Blunt




  • Uplifting Hybrid
  • Smell proof, air-tight seal
  • 7 Pre-Rolls, 100% fresh ground buds
  • 92mg  CBD per 0.6 Gram Joint
  • 4.2mg Delta 8 THC per 0.6 Gram Joint


Super Spectrum D8-THCV UK Blunt

Buy Super Spectrum D8-THCV UK Blunt online. To begin with, Super Spectrum pre-rolls contain a wide array of cannabinoids, including our first pre-rolls with THCV.

A blend of fresh ground Indoor Frosted Kush, CBG, and Secret OG buds. These pre-rolls provide an extremely smooth and balanced effect. Deep thought and focus were the most prominent sensations we experienced when consuming this blend.

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