The Dutchess Sativa Cannabis




The Dutchess Sativa Cannabis

The Dutchess Sativa Cannabis. An insanely delicious flavor and totally lifted effects will be yours with this lovely lady. The Dutchess packs a fresh sweet and spicy fruity flavor into each and every take. Thanks to these effects and its high 22-26% average THC level, The Dutchess is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss, depression, nausea, muscle spasms, and depression. The aroma follows the same flavor profile, although with a touch of sour earth and herbs as the nugs are burned. The Dutchess brings on a super relaxing high that’s still lifted and energizing in nature. You’ll feel physically relaxed and pretty hungry throughout the duration of the high. Without it affecting your energy level in the slightest.

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7g, 15g


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