White Tahoe OG THCA Powder IE




White Tahoe OG THCA Powder IE

Buy White Tahoe OG THCA Powder IE Online. Antidote’s THCa is a unique concentrate that boasts potency ranging between 90-98%. The “a” is what makes this THC so special. Antidote considers this product the most versatile concentrate available. THCa is found in raw cannabis and is non-psychoactive.

It can be ingested orally to help aid with pain and inflammation without the “high” effects typically associated with THC. Once heated, THCa decarboxylates into delta 9 THC, the more familiar cannabinoid, and becomes extremely psychoactive. THCa makes the perfect addition when looking to spice up a joint or bowl and can also be dabbed alone or dipped in your favorite concentrate for an added wow factor.